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Stoltzfus Bakery

Welcome to Stoltzfus' Bakery

We Now bring you “Homemade Donuts”.  Many varieties of donuts and pastries made fresh daily on site.  We also offer our Home-Made Breads & Rolls Fresh Out of the Oven. We invite you to watch while our many baked goods are being made. You’ll also find Fresh Baked Lemon Bars, Brownies, Cookies, Delicious Home-Made Cheesecakes, and our large variety of Flavored Breads. We also offer Dietetic Cookies and Sugar Free Cakes and Pies.  We are Proud to supply several of the Eateries in our market with our Fresh Bread and Rolls.


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    • Yes, Stoltzfus Bakery carries Christmas Stolen. They wanted to know how many you would like to order so they can save it for you. Their direct number is 717-235-8664. They are here today until 3:30 pm. Merry Christmas!

    • Stoltzfus Bakery has mince meat pies. If you would like to make sure that they will have one available for you, their phone number is 717-235-8664. Merry Christmas!

    • Hello Kim the bakery carries Strawberry Rhubarb pies. They have regular Rhubarb Pies when Rhubarb is in season in June. If you would like to have one saved for you, you may contact them directly at 717-235-8664. Thanks for contacting us and Happy New Year!

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