7 Unique Farmers’ Market Foods You Need to Try

One of the best things about shopping at your local farmers’ market is the variety of vendors and the ability to shop for different types of foods all in one place. You may also be introduced to interesting and unique farmers’ market foods that you won’t find in a chain grocery store.

From meats to sweets, from snacks to drinks, here are a few unique foods you’ll find among the stands at The Markets at Shrewsbury.

unique farmers' market foods: tomato, cauliflower, watermelon in unique colors

Unsuspecting Produce Colors

We know that fruits and vegetables are important because they encourage us to “eat a variety of colors.” But at your local farmers’ market, you may find that the produce comes in some unique colors. Be on the lookout for purple carrots, orange cauliflower, green tomatoes, or maybe even a yellow watermelon.

unique farmers' market food: holiday table with carved Turducken

What is A Turducken?

This mythical beast is a unique farmers market food that is popular around the winter holidays. A Turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey. It also includes stuffing added between the layers of meat.

unique farmers' market food: Beehive cake

Beehive Cake

From German descent (its real name is Bienerstuck), Beehive Cake is a staple of Amish baking. Two layers of yellow cake or coffee cake are filled with a custard cream and the entire cake is topped with a caramel and walnut glaze. It translates to delicious!

unique farmers' market foods: a barrel of Old Bay pickle chips

Old Bay Pickle Chips

Our neighbors to the south in Maryland are huge fans of Old Bay. But how would they feel about Old Bay and pickles! One of the most flavorful and interesting farmers’ market foods that you’ll find among our stands are Old Bay Pickle Chips. Pickles soaked in vinegar, Old Bay spice, and crushed red peppers are the perfect combination of crispy and spicy.

unique of farmers' market food: close-up of hand holding a jar of FROG jam


It may sound scary, but this unusual farmers’ market food is actually created with some sweet flavors. FROG actually stands for Fig, Raspberry, Orange, and Ginger. It’s perfect for your morning toast or biscuits, adds lots of flavor to plain yogurt or oatmeal, and is a good accompaniment for a cheese plate.

Chow Chow

Another Amish favorite that you can find among the jarred goods at many farmers’ markets is Chow Chow. This is a pickled vegetable salad that starts with a sugar and vinegar marinade. It also includes vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, peppers, celery, cabbage, and beans.

hand holding bottle of Naylor Wine Cellars Apple Wine

Apple Wine

Did you know that not all wine is made from grapes? Wine can be made by fermenting the juice of any fruit – including apples! If you’re looking for an interesting alternative for your next happy hour or dinner, we suggest trying the sweet and crisp flavor of Apple Wine from Naylor Winery.

What is the best unique food that you’ve discovered at The Markets of Shrewsbury?

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